There are many ways and reasons to show love in February. From Valentine’s Day to Love Your Pet Day, love is in the air. But what about loving our work, our coworkers and business partners, our customers, and our businesses? How can we express love at work?  

When it comes to expressing love at work, Gary Chapman, creator of The Five Love Languages, gives us a framework for how to express it through words, gifts and actions in his book, The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace: Empowering Organizations by Encouraging People, co-authored by Paul White.

 The Five Workplace Love Languages

  • Words of Affirmation = Positive Feedback, Encouragement, Appreciation, Respect, and Mentorship
  • Quality Time = Undivided Attention, Shared Moments and Activities, Relationship Building, and Workplace Bonding
  • Receiving Gifts = Personal and Professional Milestones, and New Opportunities and Challenges
  • Acts of Service = Acts of Kindness, Generosity, Help and Support
  • Physical Touch = Metaphorical Hugs, Understanding, Eye Contact, Leaning In, Great Customer Service

In his book, Hug Your Customers, author Jack Mitchell didn’t only mean physical hugs. ”The very word ‘hugging’ implies actual touching.” That’s not only what Jack Mitchell means by it. Jack likes to say: “You listen, you learn, you hug.” He defines hugging as a mindset more than a physical act. It’s a novel way of thinking about customers and delivering over-the-top service. To him, hugging is a softer word for passion and relationships. It’s a way of getting close to your customers and truly understanding them.

An act of kindness, empathy, respect and appreciation will make somebody’s day.

Here Are 30 Ways to Say I Love You in Business

  1. Celebrate someone
  2. Do something for someone
  3. Give someone your undivided attention
  4. Give people the benefit of the doubt
  5. Give them something to look forward to
  6. Send a physical gift
  7. Make a donation in their honor
  8. Be generous
  9. Be kind
  10. Show appreciation
  11. Show respect
  12. Speak from your heart
  13. Give them something they can use
  14. Send a link to a song that will uplift them
  15. Congratulate and celebrate a personal milestone
  16. Give comfort
  17. Wish someone a happy birthday
  18. Make a donation in someone else’s name
  19. Volunteer your time
  20. Send a valentine’s card
  21. Congratulate and celebrate a professional milestone
  22. Wear your heart on your sleeve
  23. Write a letter of reference or recommend them on LinkedIn
  24. Make an introduction to someone that can help them
  25. Leave a positive review for great customer service you receive
  26. Hold the door or elevator for someone
  27. Compliment the author of an article you like
  28. Thank someone for motivating you to try something new
  29. Retweet or share something from a colleague
  30. Reach out to a former boss and say thank you

From people we’ve never told, to those we don’t tell often enough, now is a great time to be speaking more love languages at work.