Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate are filling the shelves, and it’s hard to resist the colorful Hershey’s kisses and chocolate roses on every store’s shelves. Every sign prompts you to buy something sweet for Valentine’s Day, whether it’s for you or someone you love. With chocolate having an historical connection to Valentine’s Day, it’s not hard to find an excuse to indulge.

Chocolate has emotional benefits

Studies have shown that consuming chocolate can actually boost your mood and reduce stress. Chocolate also offers a unique boost created by the flavanols in cocoa, improving performance based on better awareness. And studies show chocolate causes a happy “buzz” that lasts longer than a kiss.

There’s a chocolate for every taste

Although most chocolate consumed is milk chocolate, the premium chocolate market (including dark chocolate) is expected to grow as an industry to over 22 billion dollars. Global demand is increasing every year, providing us with more ways to indulge.

Share the love

Americans will spend a record $19.6 billion for the holiday. It’s not just about chocolate, although we’ll spend about $1.8 billion on sweet treats. We also spend $4.7 billion on jewelry, $3.7 billion on an evening out, $2 billion on flowers, $1.9 billion on clothing, $1.5 billion on gift cards and $894 million on greeting cards. Experience gifts – like concert or play tickets – are desired by almost half of consumers, and 24% will give such a gift. Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers; it’s also to show our love for our parents, kids, friends, teachers, and pets.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to enjoy chocolate and share some happiness.