Shelley Forrester is a trusted source to world-class consumer and B2B companies for helping transform insight into creative and innovative solutions. Bringing her breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to every client engagement, she develops insight that informs, inspires, and transforms brand strategy, innovation, brand and communication, and the customer experience.

With her engaging energy, empathy, and ability to resonate with everyone, she puts people at ease and brings out their creativity and truth during every interview and conversation. She personally conducts hundreds of one-on-one and group interviews around a table, in-home, and in-situ every year with all segments of consumers and experts.

When speaking at conferences, annual meetings, and other events, she demystifies consumer behavior. Entertaining as well as knowledgeable, she delivers memorable keynote addresses and informal talks. She keeps participants engaged during panel discussions, podcasts, and talk show interviews with her trademark grace and humor.

Shelley started her marketing career at Colgate-Palmolive, working in marketing research and brand management for healthcare and personal care brands in the USA and Germany. Later she worked as a consultant at Marketing Corporation of America leading insight-driven consumer and B2C engagements and was Vice President of Consumer Research at Synovate, managing the Moet Hennessey portfolio brand tracker. She holds a BS in marketing from Syracuse University and an MBA from New York University.

Contact her at or 203-216-7979