This month, I’ve been talking about expanding our networks without having our requests to take connections from virtual to personal misinterpreted. And while I think it’s important to be able to build professional relationships with the opposite gender, I also think professional relationships blossom more fully when there is true caring involved. I believe there is room for hugs, love, and chocolate in business.


Both the physical kind of hugs (with permission, of course) and the kind where your customer feels hugged because of your time and attention – make us feel important and special. Hugs happen when someone goes out of their way to do something kind, or remembers something unique about us, or takes an extra moment out of their day to think of us.


Love is a sense of working from your heart, having passion about what you do, and caring about the people whose world you share. You can show love through effort, time, patience, and kindness. I believe that every time we put the positive energy of love and passion out in the world, everyone who is touched by it strengthens it as they pass it along.


Is there anywhere that chocolate doesn’t belong? Chocolate can be a sweet treat, an energy boost or a needed escape. It’s even better when shared.

In this month of celebrating Cupid, I hope you find some hugs, love, and chocolate in your professional life.