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Does Alexa Love Us?

Technology – whether it’s Alexa, AI, ML, automation, mechanical beings, drones, or other forms of technology and virtual assistants– is taking over more aspects of our lives. We’ve already reached a point where technology is integral in most aspects of our day-to-day lives, and as technology becomes more complex and personalized, we will rely on it even more.… Continue reading

The Question We All Need to Be Asking

The question we all need to be asking, before we open any odd or even remotely suspicious email or link – even if it comes from a trusted source, colleague, or platform, is “Did you send that to me?” Whether it was an email, LinkedIn message, a link, an attachment, or anything else, zero trust is more than just a term for IT security companies.… Continue reading

7 Ways First Jobs Have Lasting Importance

Whether millennials are talking about their first and second jobs and where they want to go next, Gen Xers discuss the peak of their careers, boomers share their career journeys, or seniors leave full-time employment and are looking for a place to share their experiences, almost everyone reflects on what they learned on their first job that helped propel and direct their careers. … Continue reading

How to Have Highly Effective Conversations

As someone who spends a lot of time professionally and personally in meaningful dialogue, I know the power of connecting over conversation. All highly effective conversations, whether face-to-face, on the phone, one-on-one, or with many, have similar elements that make them more impactful.… Continue reading

Are You Speaking Your Customer’s Language?

Whether talking about health care, travel, online shopping, or tech support, these universal languages of customer experience create goodwill and build a stronger relationship.

Why We Should Talk to Everyone

Every person we connect with, however temporarily, imparts something of value to us. Life puts the right people next to us. Forget your mother's advice – talk to strangers. 

5 Ingredients for Healthier CX

As experienced consumers as well as business professionals, we know that excellent customer service keeps people happy, healthy, and coming back for more. But it takes more than serving up good customer service to attract and retain loyal customers.… Continue reading

CX Matters Wherever You Are in the World

Your customer is your most important asset – and learning from them can transform your ability to deliver the best experience to every customer.

What Are People Saying About Your Brand?

People all over America say they love Amazon and like to share their stories and experiences. Here’s one such story that highlights what it is about Amazon’s service that makes it stand apart – about a multi-generational family of eight and their new refrigerator.… Continue reading

Inspiration from Alaska

Last month I was on my first trip to Alaska – a round trip cruise from Seattle stopping in Juneau, Sitka and Ketchikan. One of the more memorable things a guide told us is that there are only three ways to get to Juneau – by air, by sea, and by birth canal.… Continue reading

Trick, Treat, and Travel: Halloween Around the World

Halloween provides a wonderful opportunity to experience the adventure of a new culture and indulge in local delicacies. Not every country spends October 31st trick-or-treating and bobbing for apples. If you plan on venturing somewhere this Halloween, almost every country has their own way to have fun on this spooky day.… Continue reading

How Healthy Is Your Customer Service Experience?

Good customer service has a positive impact on a company’s financial health, but have we ever considered the health effect of customer service on the customer? How companies manage customer service has a direct impact on consumer health.… Continue reading

5 Fall Highlights

September is a gateway month – back to school, back to work after summer vacations, and the start of a new season of food, fashion, and foliage. Discover fall consumer insights.

6 Sources of Summer Insight 

Summer is the perfect time to broaden our horizons, expand where our insight comes from, and develop more and deeper connections. Here are some of my favorite ways to do that.

Where Is Your Target Market this Summer?

Vacation season is in full swing, and while some people are choosing to use vacation as a time to take a creative hiatus, according to AAA, 42 million Americans will take a summer road trip this year.… Continue reading

The 6 Currencies of Customer Experience

Every brand’s goal is to deliver a positive customer experience, but what is it that makes a customer feel valued, listened to, and appreciated? How do brands build the kind of loyalty that comes from delivering a great experience?… Continue reading

The Driving Force Behind Success

Like a bestselling book, market success comes from great research. And like great research, brilliance is a group effort.

What We Learn From Dads

Father’s Day is June 17th this year, and for the 70-plus million dads among us, it’s a day for celebrating, grilling, and spending time with family. It takes more than firing up a grill to make a father; great dads light a fire in us.

What Gen Z Needs to Thrive in the Workplace

To make the most of the bright, young talent of Gen Z, provide them with the training and mentoring they need to leverage their innate talents. 

Commencement Advice for Everyone

Commencement speeches are often humor- and inspiration-filled moments that not only symbolize the end of something but lay down the path for the beginning of something, too. Here are some of the lessons from this year’s speeches: