November is a fun month. November 1 is “National Author’s Day” and the launch point for NanoWrimo (a month long event for writers in which they write a whole book in a month). It’s “Noshavember” – a just-for-fun beard growing event that appears to exist only for the purpose of helping men transition their chins into winter.

November is also National Entrepreneur Month. As an entrepreneur myself, this celebration of innovation and American dreaminess is close to my heart. How can you celebrate the entrepreneurs in your life? Try one of these ideas:

  1. Have lunch with us at a locally-owned restaurant.
  2. Help us grow our business. Referrals welcome.
  3. Two tickets (one for you) to Delta’s innovation class.
  4. 5 free hours with a virtual assistant.
  5. A new gig that helps us expand our skills.

What special days are you celebrating in November?

Here’s a calendar filled with more to choose from.