I sat down with Gavin Pommernelle, Executive Coach and International Human Resources Consultant who founded Talent Driven Value. Gavin says there’s no secret to being a successful CEO. Successful CEOs focus on people. They actively get to know who they are and what their strengths are. Then, they take action, maximizing success, productivity, and innovation by having the right people in the right positions and on the right path.

Leadership Is Active  

Leadership isn’t passive, says Gavin. It’s an active role you take in the organization you lead. Successful CEOs are out getting to know their people, getting involved with them, and creating opportunities for others to succeed.

Know Your People  

Knowing your people is more than just knowing who they are or what positions they hold. Great leaders are visible in the organization, engage with people, including – and sometimes especially – the mavericks of the organization, and get to know the strengths and capabilities of their team members to make sure the right people are in the right jobs.

Whether Gavin’s talking about what makes a successful CEO or what it’s like to work for one, it’s about focusing on people, helping them grow and developing their capabilities.  Gavin was a guest on my newly-launched Out in the World with Shelley Forrester show on YouTube. Watch our full conversation.