My website and email provider sent an email to my mailbox (which they host), addressing me as “Dear Troy.”

Who’s Troy? I’ve made it so easy for them to know MY name. It’s right there in my email address and website. They’re a technology company, they couldn’t figure out to address me as Dear Shelley or Dear Ms. Forrester, or even Dear Network?

Only three days prior to this email, I had called my provider to report a problem with my website. Before they would talk to me, I had to tell them my mother’s maiden name, my father’s middle name, my maternal grandfather’s first name, my middle sister’s nickname, my oldest sisters first friend, the name of my favorite teacher, and the names of my first pet and first date and best friend. So with all that information, I could understand if they addressed me as Janus, Charles, Andrew, Bubbly, Harry, Mrs. Bergman, Ludwig, Jimmy or Suzi.

But why Troy?

I wanted to know, so I called again. This time I got a recording that said they were having technical difficulties (not comforting from my tech company) and directed me to use their online chat room before I was disconnected. The chat room host asked all the same security questions. Then she said she couldn’t talk to me because Troy is not recognized as a name on my account.

Do you know what your customers experience when they call your number? I hope your customers reach live representatives who get their names right.

Maybe one of them will actually be named Troy.