Vacation season is in full swing, and while some people are choosing to use vacation as a time to take a creative hiatus, according to AAA, 42 million Americans will take a summer road trip this year. The preferred choices this summer are beaches and road trips where pets can come too. Although we are sure to find each other sitting in traffic this summer, there are some differences in where you’ll find your target market, according to a Discover study of the generations.

Gen Z

You’re most likely to find Gen Z at the beach, or on an outdoor adventure like camping or a national park visit. Camping in or near a National Park is also popular. This is the generation least likely to be on a road trip, so if you’re looking to connect with Gen Z this summer, grab your camping gear.


Millennials are traveling more and spending more on travel than any other group. As the millennial generation ages and start families, they are looking more like Gen X than their younger Gen Z siblings. The number-one spot where you’ll find Millennials this year is a beach vacation, or an urban/big city vacation. You’ll find them at outdoor adventure destinations too – but it’s unlikely you’ll find them on a cruise. The majority of millennials are seeking family-friendly destinations.


Boomers’ preferred summer travel this year is a road trip most popular with this age group. Most are not spending their summers on staycations this year, and since 85% are empty nesters, they are open minded about when and where to travel. You may find them at one of these bucket-list destinations.

Silent Generation

Where are we most likely to find this generation? On a cruise, or the beach. You’ll need to catch up with them on the sea – probably headed to one of these award-winning destinations.

Across All Generations, Experience Matters

Regardless of where they prefer to travel, what kind of lodging they choose, or how much they spend, one thing remains constant across all generations: travel is measured by the experience it delivers. Hotels and hosting sites, destinations and airline choices, restaurants and events are all chosen based on the experience they deliver. Safe happy travels out in the world!