Summer gives us an opportunity to be more social. Last weekend I was at a barbecue and realized once again how small the world is. I was telling one of the guests about the excitement of football season that takes over a small southern town I often travel to for business.It turns out her brother lives there and his sons are the stars of the football team. When we commented on the great music, we found out the host’s brother, who put the mix together for us, is a well-known DJ. The sister of another guest at the barbecue is a new client of mine; the brother of yet another guest was my son’s high school English teacher. Another guest was my sister’scoworker. All of the guests, most of whom had never met before, had some kind connection through siblings.

When we consider the siblings of our networks and the networks of our siblings, it’s easy to see how even 3 degrees of separation might be too many.