There’s a lot to look forward to in 2016, and in addition to the intensifying political ads that will happen all year, it’s a great year for sports, travel, and rebalancing your life.

2016 is a Great Year for Sports

While Jets fans have a few wounds to nurse, the NFL season has been an exciting one. The stage is set for an unpredictable and eventful playoff season. Sunday, February 7, is the 50th Super Bowl – and a great excuse to break your resolutions and have a fabulous, food-filled party.

The 2016 Olympic summer games will be in Rio de Janeiro in August. The Olympic Torch will be lit in Greece on April 21, and on its journey to Rio is will pass through 500 towns and cover more than 20,000 miles.

2016 is a Great Year for Travel

You can head to Rio this summer to watch the Olympics, but it’s also a great time to go to England. The town of Warwickshire, where Shakespeare was born, as well as Stratford-upon-Avon, where he lived with his family, with both having huge celebrations all year long.  If you’re more likely to close your eyes, point to the map, and go, check out these top Lonely Planet destinations for 2016.

2016 is a Great Year for You (and Me) 

2016 is a great year to refocus. It’s no longer about making resolutions; it’s about reflecting on your journey and enjoying the adventure. Whatever you’re choosing to focus on, it’s a great year to recognize how much you’ve already accomplished.

Happy New Year!