Forrester Network is celebrating its 21st anniversary this month. LinkedIn sent a note to my connections, encouraging them to express their congratulations. I’m glad they did, because the messages were uplifting and wonderful, and made me smile.

Thank you all for your congratulations, good wishes, and your comments.

Thank you to my clients for everything, including your trust, bringing out the best in me, allowing me to bring out the best in you and your businesses, your patience of ‘waiting for it’ because you know it sometimes takes time to set it up, selecting markets I’d never travel to on my own, keeping me from moving to every city I’ve fallen in love with, and sharing some of the best meals of my life.

Thank you to all the people I work with and collaborate with, for the energy, honesty, fun and the successes we share. My senses are sharper, I stand taller and deliver better because of you.

Thank you to my family and friends for being you, being in my life, being my guardian angels here on earth and for your gift of love. You make it easy for me to know what my favorite “L” word is.

Thank you to every man, woman, child, shopper, consumer, customer, retailer, expert, 20-something to 90-something, business owner, pet owner, card holder, chocolate lover, reader, student, teacher, and bartender. Thank you to every spirits, wine, beer, coffee, tea and energy drinker. Thank you to every nurse, doctor, administrator, lawyer, accountant, dentist, clergy, driver, car dealer, restaurateur, chef, server, flight attendant, designer, artist, journalist, author, painter, plumber, personal trainer, vitamin and supplement user, nutritionist, taxi driver, garbage collector, uber driver, mom, dad, aunt, uncle and grandparent for opening your minds and hearts to my clients and to me and for helping to make the world a better place.

Thank you to all the people I used to call strangers for your time, great conversation, your inspiration, and for helping me get closer to connecting with everyone on the planet.

What have I learned in the past 21 years as my business, my clients, the economy and the world have morphed?

  • Change is my favorite “C” word
  • Gratitude is my favorite “G” word
  • I owe my success and happiness to all the wonderful people in my business and personal life

I am excited to see what the next 21 years bring. I know that change, gratitude, and love will continue to be a part of every experience.