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Qualitative Research

Focus Group Moderating

Participants are into it, and clients get a lot out of it.

With an open, accepting attitude we foster an atmosphere where participants give break-through answers to your most burning questions.

The focus group is a kind of stage, so we warm up the participants off-camera in the “green room.” We’re screening people for the right fit and the ability to articulate. And we’re creating connections and relationships quickly, setting up the group for a productive, relaxed session where they will “speak their truth.”

“Shelley develops rapport easily with all kind of people – shoppers, consumers, strangers on the phone. They open up to her quickly and tell their truth. “

Cory Cunningham, Client Director, Kantar Retail

When participants are comfortable they open up. You know it’s a good session when there’s energy in the air. Tension is cracked and honesty prevails.  Although we plan every detail of the session, we’re flexible when participants take it in another direction.

That’s when they tell you who your real competition is. (Not who you thought.) Or why they don’t see your packaging on the shelf. (Who knew?)

Fresh insights and creative marketing solutions materialize right before your eyes.


Online Market Research Moderating

Put a human touch into your high-tech tools.

Our online moderating puts the high-touch into high-tech. You get better insights from your investment in online research.

We generate personal engagement and interaction in your online bulletin board by getting actively involved with your participants.  The ultimate high-touch is moderating a webcam-enabled focus group, where we replicate the feeling of being together in person through the magic of video.

Get to know the person behind the screen.

In Depth Interviewing

Get consumers to tell their truth.

Even in the most delicate categories, consumers share their feelings and attitudes about your products.  The intimate setting encourages participants to open up, giving us breakthrough answers to your most burning questions.

Although we plan every detail of the IDI, we’re flexible when participants take it in another direction. That’s when they share intimate experiences or secret passions. And talk about what they’re really doing.

The result: fresh insights and creative marketing solutions.



Market Research Ethnographies

Learn how your consumers behave in their natural habitat. And why.

We discover how your brand and category fit into the lives of consumers.

We hang out with consumers in their environment — in the store aisle, in the car at the drive-thru, in the family room. We get up-close and personal, understanding what it’s like to walk in their shoes.

We uncover hidden gems of insight by watching people and by listening to them. Issues come up that weren’t on your radar. Solutions emerge out of left field — or left brain.

These are inspirational moments where we understand your consumer in a deeper sense.

You get fresh insights for new marketing strategies.


Expert Interviewing

Brain-share with A-list category experts.

If you could sit down for a day or an hour — with anyone in the world — whom would you choose?

We know thousands of experts in disciplines ranging from medicine and anthropology to package design and social media. We get through the gatekeepers to recruit senior-level experts that you want to tap:  CEO of a major bank. World-class doctor. Top New York chef. Industry thought leader. Retail buyers. Randy Pausch, before his last lecture.

One-on-One Interviews

A telephone conversation with the right expert can change your business.

Maybe it’s the CEO of a former customer. Senior marketing and sales executives. Or the head of an international trade group.  We quickly establish rapport with your interview subject, yielding unexpected marketing insights. The expert becomes your company’s new best friend.

Expert Panel Moderating

Whether your panel consists of your best customers or globally recognized innovators, we structure sessions that deliver marketing insights and new strategies.

Our panels create an open, accepting atmosphere where everyone is comfortable being honest. The experts interact with each other, which gets the creative juices flowing. No wonder you get surprising, breakthrough answers to questions ranging from pricing, to product design, to marketing strategy.

“Shelley is amazing with experts — both in terms of the participants she recruits and the insights she draws from them.”

Carlo Bertozzi, CEO, Management Resources of America