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Profitable Relationships

It’s not just what we know. It’s who we know. And who you’ll get to know working with us.

Forrester Network expands your network. We help you establish profitable relationships that build your brand, your revenues and your market share. Business connections you make through Forrester Network become your champions.

Customer Relationships

Are you getting the cold shoulder from a key customer?

You probably know when there’s a problem with a relationship. Maybe you dropped the ball on promises made. Or the customer may feel ignored. Regardless, the customer’s perception is your reality.

Our confidential interviews with your key customers uncover surprising issues. Channel executives and industry leaders open up to us, disclosing information they won’t share with you. We learn what you need to do to make your relationship mutually productive and profitable.

When Forrester Network listens to your customers, they realize how much you care. And they tell us how you can get that critical relationship back on track.

“On a 5-point scale, Shelley’s relationship-building skills are a 10.”

Mark Berry, Executive Vice President, Retail & Shopper Insights, Ipsos Marketing

Opening New Channels

New channels require new strategies.

Forrester Network works across a wide range of channels and brand categories, cross-fertilizing our insights with knowledge and connections outside your industry. We identify decision-makers for new channels worldwide and uncover what those channels need. You get a strategy to grow your brand successfully.

Converting Shoppers

Consumers can love your brand but hate shopping for it.

You need know the shopper’s experience from the parking lot through the checkout line — and everything in between. Shoppers tell Forrester Network what bugs them and what delights them. We give you practical steps to cement your relationship with shoppers, converting them into buyers and brand champions.

Engaging Consumers

Forrester Network uncovers how your brand fits into your consumers’ lives.

You learn what’s working (and not) in your relationship with shoppers and end-users. And why.

We recommend concrete strategies to strengthen and deepen the relationship between your brand and your consumers. Instead of just liking your brand, they love it.

Inspiring Your Audience


Intuitive. Provocative. Engaging.

Shelley Forrester demystifies consumer behavior at venues ranging from industry conferences to corporate annual meetings.

Public Speaking and Program Hosting

Entertaining as well as knowledgeable, Shelley delivers memorable keynote addresses and informal talks. She keeps participants engaged during panel discussions, roundtables, town hall-style meetings, Q&A and talk show interviews with her trademark grace and humor.

“Shelley dazzled Italian food producers with her knowledge of American foodies and the best ways to market to them.”

Carlo Bertozzi, CEO, Management Resources of America