After running meetings with a new client’s top customers, he commented on how much he appreciated me thanking his customers during the meetings. I always thank participants in meetings I run, especially when they admit something that’s risky to say in a group, so emotional it brings tears to their eyes, or they have the courage to share what they think sounds crazy but sense is a seed of inspiration that takes the group further. I thank them for their honesty and openness, because it’s in those moments that the group becomes a cohesive entity and real insight and opportunities come to light.

So when I read Jeff Haden’s networking article, I was heartened by his desire that we should give more than we take and his reminder that people should say thank you and not take each other for granted. It’s easy to forget the niceties that make every relationship thrive, and I’m grateful to Jeff for reminding us to remember to say thanks.

Thank you, Jeff Haden, for the reminder to appreciate and give first. Thanks, too, for encouraging us to let you know, “Hey, I just wrote a post that one of yours inspired – thanks!”

“Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone.” ~ Gladys B. Stern

Thanks is my favorite “T” word. What’s yours?