I’m surprised there are marketers who still don’t have faith in their own consumers.

“We can’t ask them to write slogans,” a new client insisted.

Yes, consumers CAN write ad slogans, especially in group settings where the group dynamic spurs enthusiasm and creativity. Give them a chance and let them help each other.

My slogan-writing process isn’t about getting consumers to be the agency or wordsmith. It’s about hearing their language, how they feel about the problem (is it stated in positive or negative language) and perceived benefit. You don’t need to take a vote — everyone responds organically to the most compelling slogans.

“You can’t ask them to stand up and present their collages,” another client told me the other day.

Focus group participants, and all human beings for that matter, enjoy center stage. Extroverted or introverted, consumers love to stand up and present their collages, or whatever it is we ask them to share. Everyone benefits: the individual, the group, the learning and creativity happening in the back room.

I’ll continue asking and consumers will continue rising to the occasion.

Have a little faith.