I recently participated in a women’s circle retreat. We were 30 women, gathered together on a snowy Saturday. We started the day in front of a fire with a heart-opening exercise. No questions or responses were allowed; we just said who we were and how we felt at that very moment.  There was a lot of “I’m scared.” “I’m nervous,” and “I’m sad.” But there were also many, “I’m relaxed,” “I’m happy,” and “I’m excited.” As speakers we opened ourselves up to the group; as listeners we opened ourselves up to the individuals.

Later in the day when we were all more comfortable with each other, we were asked to turn to the person to our right, look into their eyes and compliment them. The day was filled with opportunities to connect as we listened, laughed, and had a scrumptious lunch.

Whether you’re running a group or a meeting, or hosting a social gathering make time for introductions, serve delicious food, and create an environment where attendees relax because that’s where

  • –        Comfort happens
  • –        Listening happens
  • –        Fun happens and memories are created
  • –        Sharing and creating happen
  • –        Energy and creativity go up exponentially

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”  –  Ryunosuke Satoro