As experienced consumers as well as business professionals, we know that excellent customer service keeps people happy, healthy, and coming back for more. But it takes more than serving up good customer service to attract and retain loyal customers. Here are five ingredients that really get CX cooking:


Whether it’s said directly or indirectly, consumers want and need control in their lives. Consider the control that we can give customers, whether it’s what, how or with whom they order, or how our products and services empower them in their lives. Being in control is as valuable a currency as time and money.


Sampling is risk-free, which is why consumers love it. Retailers like Costco have earned nearly the brand loyalty of Amazon, because they offer enough snacks to make a meal during a single shopping trip. Why is this idea so successful? Free samples can boost sales by as much as 600%. Even if people claim they’re “only going for the samples,” once in the store they are likely to make purchases. Customers are also more likely to purchase something that they’ve sampled, and they return to the store simply because they enjoyed the experience.


Home décor retailers like Crate and Barrel are great at inspiring their customers. They make it easy for shoppers to replicate looks from store displays, suggest ways to refresh and renew, and help customers upgrade with DIY projects that incorporate Crate and Barrel products. Restaurants also inspire consumers, who get ideas for new recipes and ingredients that bring them back regularly for more inspiration. Inspiration heats up enthusiasm for your brand.


Convenience is a major factor in boosting customer loyalty, which is a primary reason why Amazon is so successful. It’s convenient to try, to purchase, and to return or exchange. How can you make things more convenient for your customers in their daily lives? Take this story for example, of a consumer whose refrigerator stopped working unexpectedly. Their initial search led them to major appliance retailers like Sears and Lowes, but neither business could deliver in shorter than a week. With no truck to make a pickup, they turned to Amazon, who could guarantee shipment of a new fridge and removal of the old in three business days. Think outside the box and tailor your strategy to be easier for your customers.


There are so many ways we can connect and show people we care about them that don’t cost anything but are priceless. How can you make life easier for your customers? How do you save them time and energy? How do you make them smile? Whether it’s the easiest way to get through the line at the DMV, quick money saving ideas, or tips on how to score the best concert tickets, the willingness to help can define you as a business.

How do you get your CX cooking?

Originally published on Business 2 Community